Trelights Methodist Church

Trelights Methodist Schoolroom was the first Chapel built in Trelights by the Wesleyans in 1831 and was built by subscriptions. The deeds were drawn up in 1833 in a somewhat unorthodox manner which later proved unsatisfactory from the Wesleyan point of view so that when the split occurred in 1834-1835 they could make no legal claim to it.

The chapel then came part of the Wesleyan Methodist Association until 1857 when it was changed to the United Methodist Free Church until 1907. In that year the Bible Christians who also had a group in Trelights joined with them and they became United Methodists, until the Methodist Union with the Wesleyans came about in 1932.

In 1887 the present chapel was built alongside the earlier one which then became the schoolroom. The separating wall is now in the form of a sliding panelled partition which is easily removed when a large number of people are expected. The new Chapel which is still originally furnished accommodates approx. 50 people. The present membership is 8 with a many attendees plus friends eager to help out with fundraising for the Chapel and Charities

Trelights Methodist Church is registered for Marriage Services including Same Sex Marriage Services.


What's On
Sunday Service 6pm


Senior Steward:
Mrs Brenda Peter
01208 815013