Rock Methodist Church

Rock Methodist Church was built in 1902 moving from the original place of worship lower down Rock Road which was built in 1854.  Being situated on the edge of the shopping area Rock Methodist Church has fine views of the Camel Estuary.


In 1993 Tredrizzick and Rock Methodist Church’s joined together to form one church in the Rock building.  Extensive open plan building works were carried out allowing the building to be used by the congregation and community during the week. 



In June 2016 the Church Council voted that Highway Methodist Church should become a Class of Rock Methodist Church and as such constitute one Church. We are a welcoming congregation who enjoy fellowship with holidaying visitors of various denominations, some of whom we see regularly every year!

Rock Methodist Church is registered for Marriage Services including Same Sex Marriage Services.


What's On
Weekly Sunday Service 9.30am
Monthly Thursday Fellowship Meeting 2pm.  Please check for details. 


Senior Steward:

Please contact:
Circuit Office
Tracey Collins
01208 895157