Lanivet Methodist Church

According to the Centenary Celebrations held in April-May 1983, the Certificate of Worship for the New Bible Christian Chapel at Lanivet (now Lanivet Methodist Church) was given on March 7th 1884.

The current "Welcome Stranger" fish and chip shop in Lanivet was originally the second Wesleyan Chapel with the building dated as 1842. The Bible Christians became part of the United Methodist Church in 1907. In September 1934, the ex-Wesleyan and ex-United Methodist Societies fused and from that date worshipped in the ex-United Methodist Church building which was in a better state of repair, and became known as Lanivet Zion.

Since that time the building has undergone some major alterations. We now have the benefits (flexibility and comfort) of chairs rather than pews, and the Sunday School was rebuilt in 1992 to be a part of the Church building, and to provide modern kitchen and toilet facilities.



What's On

Sunday Service 11am
23rd July Songs of Praise 6pm - Revd Mo Lawton-Wills 

Senior Steward:
Mrs Margaret Swadling
01208 831529